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Why Beacon?

Effective networking is a critical leadership skill because it is a key way to collaborate with others to improve mutual performance, launch new initiatives, or simply drive growth. By becoming part of the Beacon community, you will:

  • Expand your knowledge base by sharing experiences with people from many different professions, disciplines, industries, and business models
  • Identify thought leaders who can help you solve issues you face
  • Find collaborators who can help you improve your competitive position
  • Tap seasoned, successful executives and leaders for practical and trusted advice on career and business transitions, solutions, and innovations … and return the favor.

Benefits of Membership

  • Access to Beacon email forums where members can seek business advice, connections, and referrals from other members
  • Free access to all virtual programs (about 50 per year)
  • Member rates to all in-person programs (about 2 per month)
  • Access to our extensive content library including members only content
  • Business Networking Roundtables and Rapid Response Teams to help you work through business challenges with a trusted group of peers
  • 1 on 1 networking connections using our networking app
  • Ability to participate in Beacon Circles (‘B-Circles’), peer to peer advisory circles
  • Skill building through Beacon Navigator, to learn how to become a more effective networker

Membership Criteria

Eligible applicants are or have been one of the following:

A high-level executive

Those in a position with responsibility for setting strategy and leading its execution for a corporation, an independent operating division, a non-profit organization, or a small business with an annual revenue of at least $2 million and/or 10 employees. 

A direct report to a high-level executive

Those in a position having accountability for the success of critical strategic and operational execution. Importantly, these responsibilities are not limited to performing administrative duties in support of the executive.

An advisor to high-level executives

Acting in a consulting or coaching capacity to high-level executives. This involves advising the executives and applying a depth of expertise on a critical strategic business and performance issue(s).

A business owner

Someone operating a legal business entity for a sustained period of time, which provides their primary source of income or an entrepreneur who has founded one or more successful businesses.

An executive in transition

Someone who has been in one of the above categories and is in the process of changing jobs or careers.

A next generation executive

Someone who may not have had experience as described under a, b, c, or d above, but who has high potential for future advancement to a high-level executive position. These individuals typically have responsibility for a department or other significant organizational unit within an organization.

Beacon members will commit to exhibiting all the following leadership characteristics that are the backbone of Beacon culture:

Networking for life

Connecting with other executives to accomplish specific goals – yours and theirs – and with a focus on building long-term relationships; recognizing common threads among the people within your network and connecting those people with one another.

Generosity of spirit:

Showing a readiness to give more than is expected or strictly necessary to help someone else before asking someone else to help you; listening actively with a distinct bias toward understanding what action you can take to help others.

Awareness of group dynamics:

Realizing the impact you have on others in meetings and at events; self-awareness and self-management to participate constructively and engage others in helping everyone make relevant contributions.

Thought leadership

Willingness to share knowledge and expertise; experience as a subject matter expert who gives presentations and/or authors blogs, articles, books, etc.


Willingness to become actively involved as evidenced by previous experience as a volunteer, committee or group chair, board member and/or board officer in either a corporate on nonprofit organization.

* High-level executive refers to the top management/leadership. In addition to the CEO, these management executives include an organization’s Chief Operating Officer (COO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chief Technology or Chief Information Officer (CTO or CIO), Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO), general counsel, treasurer, president, senior vice president, etc.

Apply for Membership

Annual dues are $325 and with a one time application fee of $25. Get started by clicking the button below so you can become part of the Beacon community!

After applying, someone from our membership committee will be in touch to interview and onboard you.

If you live outside of the Greater Philadelphia area, you may be eligible for a Remote Membership. Contact Jess Weathers to learn more.