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Sponsor a New Member

All of us have a responsibility for bringing new talent, perspectives and contacts to Beacon by sponsoring high quality candidates for membership. Although we believe that members should commit to Networking for Life, our organization can only grow and remain vibrant when we strive to acquaint new potential members with our organization.  

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Beacon asks that as the candidate's sponsor, you take a proactive role in the approval process and in the orientation of the candidate once he or she is approved for membership. Sponsors provide the initial screening for prospective members and help to establish the quality, composition and effectiveness of the group by introducing candidates of high professional and personal standards and integrity to the membership.

As Beacon matures and increases its effectiveness, it must ensure a more thorough review of its applicants, not only on the objective criteria for eligibility, but also on the prospective member's willingness to contribute to the networking efforts of the rest of the organization. The candidate's willingness to contribute to the group in the form of networking, providing job leads and to support the mission of Beacon is as important as his or her senior management credentials. Contribution to Beacon takes many forms, but is most frequently demonstrated by:

  • Sharing personal contacts from the member's own circle of relationships;
  • Forwarding job postings to the Beacon community;
  • Having regular conversations with members to benefit and widen the network;
  • Attending Beacon seminars, networking events and subgroup meetings;
  • Posting notices of professional skill building and leadership seminars etc.;
  • Assisting with the management and administration of the organization.

Knowing a candidate in a professional or personal context helps the sponsor gauge his or her commitment to membership, as well as conformity with the objective criteria of:

  • Significant high level executive experience;
  • A minimum salary level of $150,000 per year ($100,000 for non-profit roles).

If the sponsor does not have such a relationship, it can and should be built through meetings, conversations, etc., leading to a point where the sponsor feels comfortable advocating a candidate for membership.  It is recommended strongly that potential members attend one or more meetings to talk with other members about the association and whether membership is the right choice.

Once you conclude that a particular candidate would be a valuable, contributing member of Beacon, nominate the candidate and instruct them to review the requirements for application on our Beacon Web site, and complete the application process. The applicant must include a current resume, name and contact information for their sponsor and acknowledge that they will abide by the Beacon Code of Conduct. Our administrator will assign the application to the Membership Committee to perform a screening interview and, assuming that the membership is approved, the candidate will receive a welcoming e-mail and letter, copied to the sponsor.

This letter will outline the steps to be followed to become an active member and be able to attend meetings. These steps include payment of the initial dues, accessing a Beacon Guide, details regarding completing the member's profile, joining subgroups, accessing all benefits, submitting a new member introduction, and instructions on using the Beacon Web site for registration at Beacon events, meetings and seminars.

When this process is completed, the new member will be invited to become engaged, attend a Beacon YOU program and participate in the Guide program for  three months. The sponsor should take responsibility for maximizing the new member's first Beacon experience by assisting the new member with building a one-page profile for use at networking meetings and performing key introductions within Beacon and other similar activities. The idea is to create an atmosphere of immediate acceptance and inclusion into the Beacon network.