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Code of Conduct
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Beacon Values & General Code of Conduct

Our Values in Action

Long Term Relationships

Our purpose is “Networking for Life” through a Culture of Giving

We are committed to investing in building solid, supportive and enduring relationships through a “Give to Get” spirit of generosity, enacted through the mutual sharing of contacts, knowledge and skills. Our culture of giving includes engagement with emerging business leaders through mentorship, opportunities for community service and extending our networks with others in a generous spirit.


We are an organization of leaders.

We encourage leadership growth opportunities within Beacon and in our professional communities. The senior level and diversity of experience of our members enables us to promote opportunities for engagement and leadership as well as share new business opportunities and our knowledge with other members and organizations


Professionalism is key to all aspects of member relationships.

We encourage members to behave in a professional manner with integrity in every interaction, enhancing professional and personal opportunities. 


We believe every member has value, regardless of their status or length of tenure.

We welcome the opinions of every member and create an inclusive environment throughout the organization.  By creating a culture of respect for all, we will create events and programs that are welcoming, friendly, fun and broaden the diversity of business experiences and viewpoints.


Relevant interactions are key to building relationships among Beacon’s members.

We work to ensure that interactions, programs, subgroup meetings and networking opportunities bring value to Beacon’s diverse membership by presenting current practices, timely information, new leadership models and quality experiences.


We promote alliances and the expansion of our network.

We promote joint programs and the sharing of information helpful to our members of other regional business organizations and introductions to individuals and organizations that enhance the quality of business networking. 


Time is a precious resource for our members.

We will deliver on promises to fellow members in a timely, ethical and transparent manner that contributes to mutual trust and credibility.


Confidentiality is core to the success of every interaction.

We respect the confidentiality of information or contacts acquired and are diligent and discreet in dealing with such contacts.


Code of Conduct 

Beacon's founding doctrines are based on the Beacon statement of Values in Action.

This Code of Conduct provides principles to which all Beacon members are expected to adhere and advocate. They embody rules regarding individual responsibilities in dealing with members and with others outside of Beacon.

The principles can be interpreted by these keys:

  • Equal opportunity without regard to race, gender, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation/gender identity or religion
  • “Give to get” – think of others’ interests first
  • See something, say something [first to the person, then if necessary to the appropriate leader]
  • Accept responsibility for your behavior, including responding promptly to fellow members and their referrals.

All members of Beacon will:

  • Act in accordance with our Values in Action
  • Represent Beacon positively, professionally and admirably among members, guests, staff and the external community
  • Respect other members by not selling or self-promoting their business interests with solicitations at meetings or other Beacon events, or through mass solicitations via email, mail or telephone/fax.
  • Understand that there will be no tolerance for multi-level marketing and/or pyramid schemes.


Application of our code in conducting business:

Executives join Beacon to advance both professional and personal objectives through long-term relationships.  From our inception, we have believed and honored that the best way to meet those objectives is to engage with others in a generous spirit of giving rather than to approach others in order to promote oneself, one’s business or self-interest.  We also recognize that members of Beacon often provide products or services which may be beneficial to other Beacon members and the exchange of business knowledge and referrals are an essential part of the Beacon culture. We encourage members to support each other’s businesses and professional development while strictly prohibiting overt solicitations of business at events or on any of our mailing lists, unless expressly permitted. Consistent with the Beacon mission and values, the following apply:

  • There will be no mass marketing of business services to other members via any medium, including email, mail, or telephone/fax. 
  • Collecting any information, including but not limited to email addresses and other data from the Beacon website for intention of mass marketing is expressly forbidden.
  • Passive website marketing in signature blocks is permitted (e.g., a generic marketing message, professional affiliations, website link included in an email signature)
  • Beacon meeting presentation opportunities are available to all members if they are intended to transfer knowledge and/or enrich audiences’ understanding of a particular topic for which you have specialized knowledge. No advertising or business promotion is allowed beyond contact information. With prior approval, published materials may be offered for distribution or sale. Presenters may be asked to sign a speaker's agreement that provides guidance regarding Beacon policies, practices and privacy procedures for acknowledgement prior to the presentation.
  • Within all Beacon Marketplace forums, business promotion is permitted. Within the Beacon Online Marketplace forum, active website marketing is permitted.  These forums are optional for Beacon members and designed as opportunities for this purpose.
  • Using a social media application such as LinkedIn or Twitter, a Beacon member can promote products or services to other Beacon members, as they would non-members who are also their connections or followers within the application.

Upholding the Code of Conduct:

Each member is responsible for upholding the Code of Conduct, and for recognizing a lapse in behavior on the part of other members. As stated in the Code, members who observe another member not adhering to the Code are encouraged to speak up and offer guidance to that member.  If the situation rises to the level that the Executive Director, a group Chair or a member of the Board of Directors should address it, members should contact that leader.   Violations of the Code of Conduct will be addressed commensurate with the behavior and can result in appropriate consequences up to and including revocation of membership.