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Diversity Statement

A Message About Diversity, Racial Equity, and Inclusion

The Beacon organization shares the deep sadness, anger, and frustration regarding the state of racism in our country. Today, and for far too long in our country’s history, racial, economic, and judicial inequities toward Black men and women continue to persist. Societal biases are often subtle, pervasive, and hard to change.

Beacon has never intentionally excluded people of color, or other marginalized communities, from membership. However, it would be naïve to believe it is only by coincidence that the organization has remained predominantly white and male. Unconscious bias, wherever it exists, needs to be addressed.

Group membership reflects the systemic conditions inherent in our institutions, communities, and networks. Beacon’s makeup and leadership, specifically the lack of diversity, does not mirror the population of our region. Nor does it adequately align with our value of giving back to the entire community in meaningful ways through relationships, knowledge sharing, and mentorship without bias.

Beacon is an organization consisting of senior-level business leaders in our region. A critical leadership behavior is listening with empathy, with compassion, and with an intent to effect positive change. We encourage our members to examine our own biases and how they influence our decision making, choices, and behaviors, often outside our level of awareness.

Moving forward, Beacon’s leadership has committed to the following to become a more welcoming, inclusive, and diverse community:

  • We will work to change the demography of our membership to better reflect the diverse business community in our region. We know that, in this respect, we have thus far fallen short.
  • We will initiate and organize opportunities for dialogue, reflection, and learning.
  • We will reach out to other groups and organizations representing people of color and other marginalized communities for collaboration.
  • We will explore and pursue meaningful ways to be more actively engaged in the community using our members’ talents and passion to benefit those who are disadvantaged and have been marginalized.

We stand with all in our business community who seek to remove the systemic barriers to equality of opportunity for Black Americans, people of color, and other marginalized people.