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The Four Pillars of Innovation

Description of:
1) business model innovation
2) process innovation
3) product/service innovation
4) innovation culture

and the tools and models needed to understand , create and implement.

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Business Model Innovation

Business Model Innovation (BMI) refers to the creation, or reinvention, of a business itself. Whereas innovation is more typically seen in the form of a new product or service offering, a business model innovation results in an entirely different type of company that competes not only on the value proposition of its offerings, but aligns its profit formula, resources and processes to enhance that value proposition, capture new market segments and alienate competitors

Harvard Business Review: How the Growth Outliers Do It

by Rita Gunther McGrath

Steady, predictable growth is what every big company strives for and what investors prize above all else. Recently some colleagues and I conducted research to find out just how difficult it is to achieve

Building the Innovation Culture

Some Notes on Adaptation and Change in Network-Centric Organizations

Bryan Coffman
Principal, InnovationLabs

P&G’s Innovation Culture

How we buiOpen Innovation, Closed Innovation and Related Termslt a world-class organic growth engine by investing in people.

by A.G. Lafley, with an introduction by Ram Charan


Entrepreneurship is a Team Sport – Innovation and Startups

No where are teams more important than in the innovative startups that fuel our global economy and collectively produce more jobs than huge multinationals. Explore a new version of Teamability, especially for entrepreneurial teams.

– Dr. Janice Presser (CEO – The Gabriel Institute)


Open Innovation, Closed Innovation and Related Terms

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