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Subgroups & Communities of Practice: New Jersey South

Welcome to the 

South Jersey Subgroup


Who Should Attend

All Beacon Members and their guests.



Beacon South Jersey provides a Subgroup community where members can establish meaningful and long-lasting professional and personal relationships that will open doors and create new career and organizational possibilities, with a special geographical focus on our local South Jersey business community.



Beacon South Jersey, as a geographical rather than discipline-focused subgroup, provides a dynamic environment where members and their guests can expand their knowledge and skills with such topics as leadership, best practices, industry trends, communication, change management, and networking skills, across a wide-breadth of fields and interests.  Beacon members from across all industries are invited to participate in a variety of presentations, virtual connections, and live events (when it is safe), to increase professional and personal knowledge and networks.



Geographically based in South Jersey/Center City and open to all members of Beacon and their guests.


Meeting Content

As Beacon South Jersey is being relaunched at this time, all Beacon Members are invited to share their thoughts, recommendations, connections, etc., to guide event planning for the 2020-2021 upcoming year.  We are also looking for volunteers for Co-Chair, and team members.  Please let Chair Lori Rosenthal know your preferences:


Meetings per year

4 - 6

Lori Rosenthal


















Recently Updated Profiles
Lynn Schwartz, Srin Kuchibotla, William Herbert, Timothy Titus, Andrew E. Finkle CPA JD LL.M.