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Subgroups & Communities of Practice: Human Capital Management

 Welcome to the Human Capital Subgroup

     The Human Capital Management Subgroup  provides an interactive forum for senior executives across Beacon to discuss and debate how human resources issues impact business effectiveness.

     HCM is open to all Beacon members since all executives, whether they have to lead others or influence clients are constantly dealing with "people" issues.

     Meetings are generally held every other month on Wednesdays. We invite provocative speakers to simulate interactive discussions on a wide variety of topics. We seek to provide new perspectives that will stimulate ideas for becoming more effective at what you do. While plenty of time is devoted to general networking, the focus of the meetings is professional and leadership development.


David Wragg



David Wragg is Managing Partner of InsightHCP Partner of Throw Like A Woman, Consulting with Social Impact.He coaches and consults with individual clients to help them reach their careers goals and develop leadership skills and with nonprofit organization to help them stand out from the crowd and make an impact. 


Dr. Nataliya Adelson is an executive and leadership development consultant and Managing Partner of Altgate Partners --, a strategic leadership consultancy located in Princeton, New Jersey. She is passionate about developing innovative and practical approaches to Talent and Organizations. 





Nataliya Adelson

Vice Chair

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Wednesday, July 25, 2018
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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

David Wragg
Nataliya Adelson