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Subgroups & Communities of Practice: Entrepreneurs Circle

Welcome to the Entrepreneurs Circle 


The Entrepreneurs Circle is a sub-group of Beacon. Its members are owners and operators of entrepreneurial businesses who provide each other advice on practical issues and opportunities they are currently facing.


Meetings focus on specific topics prepared by members as well as quick business progress reports that help maintain engagement. The group has found that mutual trust within the group is necessary to ensure candor is embraced and confidentiality maintained. This is the reason why the sub-group is closed and requires frequent attendance.


The Entrepreneurs Circle sub-group practices a fast response version of 'Networking for Life', to help each other on near-term issues by providing knowledge, connections, and other mutual help freely and in the spirit of entrepreneurship.


Beacon members may be considered for membership if they currently or in the past:

  1. Held one of the four leadership roles in a start-up or small business with their own or investor's capital at risk; and
  2. Had at least 15% ownership interest in that qualifying business at some point and spent most their time on its operations; and
  3. That same qualifying business had multiple employees or contractors committing a significant portion of their time*.  
  4. If not currently at the qualifying business: Either you are in the process of launching or acquiring a new qualifying business, or your current business activities focus on entrepreneurial companies.

*A business with just a few principals is a better fit with the Beacon Professional Services sub-group.


If you are interested in joining this subgroup, please start by downloading the application file E-Circle Subgroup Application. If, after careful consideration, you meet the requirements and want to take on the obligations of membership in E-Circle, please send the completed form to the subgroup Co-Chair, Mathias Kirchmer, at You will be contacted as soon as possible for a first discussion.


If it makes sense to continue, you will be offered the opportunity to attend a future meeting and give a short presentation to the group membership on your venture and entrepreneurial credentials. You will then be notified within a week as to your membership status. It may take several months to go through the process, as we limit the number of new member presentations each month. We will schedule people in the order in which they apply. 


The group meets the 1st Thursday of each month and the meetings are only open to members. Members must attend a minimum of eight meetings per year to maintain their membership. The meetings include breakfast and run from 7:30-9:30 AM. The location is usually in King of Prussia, PA.


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