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Committees: Governance Committee

Beacon Governance Committee





As described in the Beacon Bylaws, the Governance Committee is responsible for board operations and development to ensure the quality and future viability of the Board, including the presentation of nominees to the Board of Directors to be presented to the membership for election. The Governance Committee may also recommend to the Board candidates to serve as Chair of each Standing and Ad Hoc Committee.  



The Governance Committee will be comprised of between 9 and 11 members; members will be selected to ensure diversity of gender, geography, skill sets and perspectives.  The Beacon Board Chair and Executive Director  serve as non-voting, ex-officio members.  Governance Committee members will serve a limited 3-year term with an established “roll off” cycle to ensure some continuity of members.   The Governance Committee oversees the annual process for developing  a slate of candidates, one candidate for each open position, that best meet the talent and skill needs of the Board.  Following presentation of the proposed slate to the Board for adoption, the slate will be presented to the entire membership.  Members can vote the slate up or down in its entirety.  In the event the slate is voted down by the membership, the Board has the discretion to replace the Governance Committee and prepare a new slate.   

 Greg Fegley, Chair


Maria Baseggio -  (ex Officio)

Larry Buckwalter

Eric David

Janet Moran

Deborah Pierce

Timothy Titus

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Greg Fegley