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Committees: Membership Committee
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 Membership Committee


Mission: To recruit and screen potential Beacon members 


  • Ensure that Beacon maintains a high level of integrity and professionalism.        
  • Help current members to understand how to maximize the value of their Beacon membership.
  • Work with the Guide Program and Member Engagement Committee to Integrate new members into Beacon.
  • Work with Marketing Committee to broaden awareness of the many benefits of Beacon membership.
  • Review new programs and ideas that can bring new members into the Beacon.
  • Increase membership and attendance at Beacon events.           


John Sylvia


 Current Programs:

  • Identify and reaching out to prospective members.

Committee Member Responsibilities:

  • Participate in monthly conference calls to review membership activity.
  • Review applications for membership as determined by the Membership Chair using existing guidelines.
  • Monitor website and make suggestions for additions and enhancements.
  • Reach out to non-participants and encourage participation.


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John Sylvia