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Committees: Membership Committee
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Membership Committee


Mission: Members are the life blood of Beacon. The purpose of the Membership Committee is to build Beacon by building membership.  We do this, first, by putting in place effective processes and programs to attract, recruit, and screen potential members, and, second, by engaging and retaining members. 


- Help Beacon fulfill its mission by ensuring that Beacon members are high-caliber executive leaders who embrace Beacon’s unique culture of giving more in value than they take in payment.


Help Beacon members...

     - Navigate the organization and get a high return on their membership investment

     - Achieve their own networking goals.



Barbara Taylor


Our Key Functions:

- Develop membership criteria to ensure high standards for experience and professionalism across Beacon via our recruiting, referral and interview processes.


- Develop and enhance membership programs and processes that attract, engage, retain, and increase Beacon membership in conjunction with all Beacon committees and groups.


- Welcome new members – first with an email. Then, we conduct targeted New Member Orientations to provide membership/Beacon information and begin the engagement process through networking.   


- Engage new members by matching them with a Beacon Guide to personally help them gain value from their membership.


- Leverage Navigator to provide programs to increase the networking skills of members and emphasize Beacon’s commitment to “Networking for Life.”


- Proactively reach out to members to understand how to maximize the value of their Beacon membership.


- Develop and implement programs and policies for distinct groups such as corporations and non-profits as well as to diversify overall membership. 


Membership Committee Members:

Mark Balawejder

Mona Burke
Bill Doan
Heather Foor
Stuart Klein
Bob Merkle
Ken Sher
Mitchell Stevelman
Dave Theis


Recently Updated Profiles
Bruce Doherty, Zoey Toy, William C. Doan, Robert Merkle, Timothy Titus

Barbara Taylor
Robert Merkle