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Subgroups & Communities of Practice: CEO Roundtable

The CEO Roundtable

We Are the Preeminent Professional &

Networking Association for

Chief Executive Officers

in the Mid-Atlantic/Northeastern U.S.


 Our Philosophy & Guiding Principles

The core values we will exemplify are quite simply "to give," and then "to receive."  Our philosophy is perhaps best characterized in the words of Sir Paul McCartney on the last song recorded collectively by all four Beatles. The song is from the "Abbey Road" album, it is entitled "The End," and concludes with this profound, yet perfectly befitting verse... 

"And in the end, the love you take...

is equal to the love you make."


Richard Marcus,





Our primary objective is to provide a professional yet personalized and relaxed forum for Chief Executives and their peers to freely and openly exchange ideas, share lessons-learned, assist one another with problem solving solutions, and to generally impart wisdom. Additionally, this will be a premiere networking vehicle to connect regional Chief Executives who are actively engaged, failing retirement, or in transition by facilitating and promoting the sharing of meaningful business and personal contacts.

Prominent guest speakers (by invitation only) will present compelling, relevant topics of interest to the membership on a regular basis. Additionally, synergistic/cooperative programs will be developed with other respected professional and networking organizations.

Member Commitment: 

We all face many choices from a wide array of outside groups competing for our most precious possession... our time! Accordingly, it is incumbent upon each of us to ensure that this scarce "extracurricular" time we choose to expend is consistently meaningful and rewarding to us... both personally and professionally. 

The promise of The CEO Roundtable is to deliver extraordinary value to its members, but in order for this subgroup to thrive, our members must have an unmistakable sense of their respective responsibilities. What this means is to truly realize our Vision, each and every member must attend and actively participate in a large majority of our events. Our members must also bring prospective speakers (with whom they are personally connected) to the attention of the Chairman for consideration, and to openly and generously share ideas, experiences, lessons-learned, and their personal and professional networks as appropriate and in the full spirit of this very special fellowship. 


The CEO Roundtable meets quarterly on Mondays at 7:30am, typically at a different regional Country Club. Each event commences with networking followed by breakfast. Members then briefly reintroduce themselves to the group (sharing noteworthy items), with guest speaker(s) presenting thereafter. Q&A follows in the remaining time with a hard stop at 9:30am.  Members are welcome to remain for networking until 10am.

Periodically, we'll conduct "true roundtable" sessions wherein specific, predetermined topics of substantial gravity and import to our members will be discussed in a highly-confidential forum.  Such events are closed to guests and are strictly for members only.

The cost to attend is typically ~$50/pp, depending on the venue. Most meetings will be fully attended and will have a waiting list due to limitations set on attendance by The Chairman. 

All members are encouraged to register early for Roundtable events as attendance at 75% or more events in a rolling 12 month period is required.

All guests must attain prior approval from Richard Marcus (The CEO Roundtable's Chairman). 


Membership Criteria/Qualifications: 

Prospective members must formally apply and shall meet (or exceed) the following standards:

A.  Be an Active Beacon member in good standing

B.   Serve, or have served within the last 3 years, as:

  1. Chief Executive Officer (#1 executive position) of a public or private company with annual revenues of $10mm, or CEO, President, or Executive Director (#1 staff position) at a non-profit organization with annual revenues of $2mm, or…
  2. President & COO (#2 executive position) of a public or private corporation with $25mm in annual revenues or President, COO or Executive Director (#2 staff position) of a non-profit organization with $3 mm in annual revenues, or…
  3. Group/Division President with P&L authority for $50 mm in annual revenues, or…
  4. CEO, COO or President of a business services firm with a significant base of relationships with CEOs and COOs of companies who qualify for membership in the Roundtable, or...
  5. Board member of a public or private company with revenues equal to or greater than $10 million.   
  6. Title requirement is secondary to specific role and responsibility scope, with role and responsibility the primary criteria for qualification, with heavy emphasis on Profit and Loss responsibility for the organization the candidate/member is leading.
  7. Length of service in any qualifying role shall be of sufficient time to gain experience and achieve accomplishments associated with the various facets of a Chief “X” Officer role.


C.   Variances from these Criteria / Qualifications for new or existing members will be approved by the Membership Committee, as established by the CEO Roundtable Chairman.  NOTE:  Members of the CEO Roundtable as of January 1, 2016 are “grandfathered” into the group regardless of their current or past corporate or non-profit role status.

D.    Once a member, you must maintain a 75% attendance record at CEO Roundtable meetings in a rolling 12-month period, be an active, contributing participant in Roundtable meetings and a skilled networker as defined in the spirit and mission of Beacon.

You must also maintain the Roundtable’s confidentiality standard: “What is said in the Roundtable, stays in the Roundtable”.   

P.S. If a meeting is full, please contact Richard Marcus.

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