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Call for Webinar Presenters
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Present a Webinar on a Key Business Topic

To meet the needs of today's busy executives, Beacon is launching a virtual seminar series, where individuals and small panels can offer their expertise via web technology.  Presenters will be selected based on demand for topics, knowledge of how to present via webinar formats, and adaptability of content for online presentations as well as ability to respond to caller/emailed questions.

This is a new venture, and we invite members and non-members to submit suggested topics.  


  1. All presenters must fill out the form below; if you are a Beacon member, you MUST be logged into the website before filling out the form. 

  2. Speakers should have a proven track record of presenting on their topics and be able to demonstrate their qualification as a presenter.  Additionally, speakers must understand the unique aspects of presenting without a live audience and address specifically their ability to adapt their material to this format.

  3. Speakers will all have to abide by the rules of Beacon on appropriate behavior regarding overt marketing to the membership during and after their presentations.

  4. Please note: Beacon programs rely on volunteer presenters and does not have the resources to provide honoraria to speakers.



  1. Interested speakers should fill out the Beacon Webinar Presenter form (below).

  2. Beacon staff/volunteers will review the application and contact presenters to discuss the potential for a presentation.

  3. Speakers should be prepared to ensure a high quality transmission for their presentations via appropriate setting/headset, etc.  Presentations will be recorded for continued on-demand access via the Beacon website.  Ideally, presenters will be open to follow up and ongoing networking with people interested in their topic area.

Speaker Benefits

The benefit to a presenter is that you will be part of a new program for which we believe there is high demand. We know that many Beacon members cannot attend a number of programs because of travel, business schedules and other demands on their time.  Webinars are an ideal way for executives to access information on key business and professional management topics without leaving the office or accessing the program whenever they like from an online library.  Being known as a good presenter, instructor, and expert has tremendous value for any professional.  While we welcome professional speakers to be a part of the Bureau, most participants will be professionals who are subject matter experts willing to share their expertise and are not by profession public speakers. The Bureau will help such experts with feedback on their presentations, opportunities for professional development regarding presentation skills, and validation that their content and expertise was well received.


Beacon Webinar Presenter Submission Form

The application must be filled out in full in a single sitting; you will not be able to work on the form, save it, and go back to complete it later. Please review and gather the requested items before beginning the application. The last item requests agreement with the Beacon Code of Conduct. Please click the link to review the code on the Beacon Web site.