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Business Networking Roundtable - Hosted by Paul Mosenson, President, NuSpark Market
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When: Tuesday, November 12, 2019
8:00 AM
Where: The Hallwayz
840 1st Avenue
Suite 400
King of Prussia, Pennsylvania  19406
United States
Contact: 215-393-3144

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Business Networking Roundtable #37


Hosted by


Paul Mosenson





Tuesday November 12, 2019

8 am – 11 am



The Hallwayz

840 1st Avenue

Suite 400

(Entrance in the rear of the building)

King of Prussia, PA 19406



Our Host

Paul Mosenson is hosting 12 Beacon members for a morning continental breakfast meeting at The Hallwayz in King of Prussia.

Paul Mosenson started as a media buyer at an ad agency, then Regional Marketing Manager at Nutri/System, then Media Director at AB&C Advertising in Delaware and Philly.  After the passing of Paul’s wife in April 2008,  he decided to start a business to stay home with his daughter, then 11 years old. Paul wanted to transform from traditional media buyer to digital agency, with a focus on lead and demand generation, thus formed NuSpark Marketing.  Besides having direct clients, Paul also manages digital media for various regional marketing firms as white label Media Director.




Paul started out as a pure digital media buyer- learning and getting certified on Google and other ad platforms.  Paul then added a team of contractors to rebrand as a virtual digital agency- with top notch writers, designers, and SEO professionals.  Paul project-managed and planned all the paid media channels.  In addition, Paul became expert at analytics and marketing tracking tools, as well as CRO approaches.

NuSpark Marketing established itself as a demand generation agency, using content to generate mid-funnel leads, and marketing automation to nurture leads into sales.  NuSpark manages digital media and search channels for other clients and agencies. Paul writes a blog; now syndicated on various websites, building thought leadership and his own SEO.  NuSpark also expanded with Account-Based Marketing and predictive marketing. 

Additional inflection points since 2017:

1.Generating direct business became harder, as younger Marketing Directors and Demand Generators became more in-house rather than outsource.

2. Paul started his own Media Buying firm, NuSpark Media, to focus just on digital and traditional media.  A little business came from that from paid search ads and referral.


Business Challenges: NuSpark

NuSpark Consulting is a change of pace for Paul, to take advantage of his many years managing media and marketing programs. Whereby NuSpark Marketing targeted Marketing Directors and CMOs, NuSpark Consulting went live in July 2019 to target mid-size firms- Presidents and CEOs. Paul’s capability is to successfully manage entire marketing programs for both B2B and eCommerce. That covers the website and marketing messages, the media channels, the conversion tactics, and the analytics, thus the theme “Fix the Convince”

As part of this exploration of another new business, Paul joined the Delco Chamber of Commerce, Score, and another local entrepreneur network. 

The challenge is focus.  Not a great business developer (not a phone guy) Paul gets leads via email marketing and networking/relationships.  Not the greatest large group speaker, Paul thrives in small groups, explaining how buyers journey marketing is optimized properly.  The concept of Fractional CMO/virtual CMO has legs, as a national outfit, Chief Outsiders, does well.  Paul thrives on the buyer’s journey; optimizing from product interest to final sale.


Challenge Questions . . .

Paul would like you (the attendee) to address three (3) areas:

  • Comment on current business development approach (emails/messaging/tactics) and suggest other outreach ideas (such as workshops, alliances)
  • Provide input on ideal target audiences- industries, titles, even management consultant outreach.
  • Comment on current business model – NuSpark Consulting –hybrid consultant and media buyer.  What opportunities as well as roadblocks does he face and how to overcome them.  Big picture- how to be on the right path to success.


How a BNR Works

Business Networking Roundtable (BNR) event is a Member business-focused event designed to enable Members to share information about their business with other Members and for participants to learn about other Member businesses in a focused and moderated setting. 

The Business Networking Roundtable events are for Members who are currently in a business and who wish to do business with other BEACON Member businesses.

The purpose of the meeting is business networking and designed to be a better way to learn more in-depth knowledge about other Member’s businesses with whom participants may want to engage, collaborate and or recommend to their business network.

Instead of the usual 30 second “elevator pitch” participants will be given 3 minutes to answer the following questions which will help others understand their business and what it is that they are looking for:


1.     What is your business?

2.     What makes you different?

3.     What is your ‘value proposition’?

4.     Who is your ideal client?

5.     What is a good referral for you?


Participants will also be able to participate in a 20-minute discussion of a business challenge or topic of the Host’s choosing.  Best practices, suggestions, experiences will be shared.

Participants will be principals, owners, partners or representatives of a BEACON Member business. There is no limit to the size of the Member business. While many BEACON Members are in transition and considering starting their own business, Business Networking Roundtable events may be attended ONLY by Members who have a recognized (registered) business entity. Participants will:

  • Pre-register for the specific Business Networking Roundtable event through the Beacon website.
  • Within a week of the scheduled event, the Host will select from the list of pre-registrants those 12 Beacon members selected to participate in the BNR.
  • Agree to the meeting guidelines and strictly adhere to them.
  • Come to the meeting prepared to answer the 4 questions below for their Business.
  • Act in good faith to support other Participants by providing assistance with contacts and or referrals as appropriate.
  • Be members of the BNR Group that is maintained on the Causeway site.



Be on time and stay through the end.

  • Follow the directions of the Facilitator and stay within the time allotted.
  • Extend professional courtesy to others by refraining from using phones, working on computers (other than taking notes) or texting during the meeting.
  • Every effort should be made to avoid distracting other Participants during the meeting.
  • Act ethically and in good faith with information and content of discussions that may take place during the meeting. Agree not to share information disclosed with Participants competitors.
  • Follow up on commitments made to others during the meeting.


Come join your fellow members in a one-of-a-kind Beacon experience.