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Business Networking Roundtable #21 - Hosted by Amy Andersson of Price Turner
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When: Tuesday, December 5, 2017
9:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Where: Headroom
230 Sugartown Road
Suite 20
Wayne, Pennsylvania  19087
United States
Presenter: Amy Andersson
Contact: Maureen Waddington
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Hosted by

Amy Andersson 

Price Turner CFOs




Tuesday, December 5th, 2017

9:30 am - 12:00 pm 





230 Sugartown Road

Suite 20

Wayne, Pa  19087




Participants will be principals, owners, partners or representatives of a BEACON Member business. There is no limit to the size of the Member business. While many BEACON Members are in job transition, Business Networking Roundtable events may be attended ONLY by Members who either have a recognized (registered) business entity or

work for one.



Your Story


As a participant, you will share “the story of your business” – strategy, target clients, business development techniques, etc.

As a participant, you get the opportunity to develop 12 new “Brand Ambassadors” - each with a clear understanding of the value proposition of your business.


Amy’s Story


As the Host, Amy will introduce all the participants to the challenge she faces in growing her company.

Amy Andersson from Price Turner CFO’s

As the outsourced CFO’s for many companies all over the country, we partner with businesses, lend our 30 years of financial knowledge and help business improve their daily financial operations to improve cash flow and profits. We started working with businesses in the $100K - $1 Million revenue range and today we partner with businesses that are usually over the 7 figure mark.  We handle everything from their bookkeeping to cash flow to financial statements to CFO strategy. We have also supported clients who have purchased other companies or have been purchased by other companies.  

Recently, businesses have been showing up and asking for a bit more, and I realized I haven’t been taking advantage of it! More and more, companies are approaching us and asking us to review their financials. These are clients who are looking to expand their business and are pursuing one of the following: financing, refinancing or self-funded expansion. This gives Price Turner an opportunity to review the financials and analyze their cash flow and profitability.  Companies need a CFO who can do the following – prepare the financial statements and represent the company to the outside world and follow through with all the questions and additional analysis necessary to procure the funding required. 

I realize how awesome these opportunities are and I am ready to start building another extension to Price Turner CFO’s. I don’t want to be known just for the bookkeeping anymore, I am ready to be the expert on CFO strategy and consulting for improved cash flow and profitability.


Challenge Questions


  1. Is this new area feasible?  Is there a market for this consulting area?
  2. My target market is clients who are expanding (refinancing, looking for a loan or going towards a self-funded expansion). How do I position that, what marketing areas are appropriate?
  3. What is the pricing strategy?  What is the value? 
  4. Staffing - I was the person overseeing ALL the bookkeeping activity – I did not do it myself, however, I supervised it.  How do I find a person to replicate that and keep it profitable? 
  5. Staffing – I am continuing to grow the Bookkeeping area as well and need to find additional bookkeepers to join the company. 




(in Amy’s own words)

Price Turner CFOs, shares Fortune 100 productivity and accounting expertise to help small and medium sized businesses increase profitability by using the same tactics as the world’s most successful corporations. PTCFO’s partners with the business owner as an extension of their business, acting as a trusted and reliable member of the team. With over three decades of expertise, PTCFO’s lends their financial knowledge and customizes Fortune 100 accounting and operational principles daily to fit the needs of small to medium size businesses. 

Our mission is simple: help owners expand their understanding surrounding finances and offer ideas for improvement in daily financial operations. Strategies include streamlining resources and processes, so expenses decrease and profits increase. 

Price Turner CFOs currently has 54 clients – ranging from passive software income to transaction categorizing, accounts payable, invoicing and full blown accounting department.  Most clients pay based on retainer, which allows the client to know the monthly fee every month and will encourage the business owner to ask the questions first – before jumping into a venture that may have consequences.  

From cash flow to expense tracking, newfound efficiency and awareness contributes in large part to freeing clients from the financial fog in which they often find themselves.





Business Networking Roundtable (BNR) event is a Member business-focused event designed to enable Members to share information about their business with other Members and for participants to learn about other Member businesses in a focused and moderated setting.  The Business Networking Roundtable events are for Members who are in business and who wish to do business with other BEACON Member businesses.


The purpose of the meeting is business networking and designed to be a better way to learn more in-depth knowledge about other Member’s businesses with whom participants may want to engage, collaborate and or recommend to their business network.


Instead of the usual 30 second “elevator pitch” participants will be given 3 minutes to answer the following questions which will help others understand their business and what it is that they are looking for:


1.     What is your business?

2.     What makes you different?

3.     Who is your ideal client?

4.     What is a good referral for you?


Participants will also be able to participate in a 20-minute discussion of a business challenge or topic of the Host’s choosing.  Best practices, suggestions, experiences will be shared.

Participants will be principals, owners, partners or representatives of a BEACON Member business. There is no limit to the size of the Member business. While many BEACON Members are in transition and considering starting their own business, Business Networking Roundtable events may be attended ONLY by Members who have a recognized (registered) business entity. Participants will:


Register for a specific Business Networking Roundtable event through the Beacon website.

  • Agree to the meeting guidelines and strictly adhere to them.
  • Come to the meeting prepared to answer the 4 questions below for their Business.
  • Act in good faith to support other Participants by providing assistance with contacts and or referrals as appropriate.
  • Be members of the BNR Group that is maintained on the Causeway site.




  • Be on time and stay through the end.
  • Follow the directions of the Facilitator and stay within the time allotted.
  • Extend professional courtesy to others by refraining from using phones, working on computers (other than taking notes) or texting during the meeting.
  • Every effort should be made to avoid distracting other Participants during the meeting.
  • Act ethically and in good faith with information and content of discussions that may take place during the meeting. Agree not to share information disclosed with Participants competitors.
  • Follow up on commitments made to others during the meeting.