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Code of Conduct
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General Code of Conduct


Beacon's founding doctrines are based on:

  • professionalism,
  • respect for others,
  • non-discrimination and,
  • honest efforts to assist others.

This Code of Conduct provides principles to which all Beacon members are expected to adhere and advocate. They embody rules regarding individual responsibilities in dealing with members and with others outside of Beacon.

All members of Beacon will:

  • Act in good faith, honestly, professionally and ethically;
  • Gladly share contacts, knowledge and skills with other members;
  • Respect the confidentiality of information or contacts acquired and be diligent and discreet in dealing with such contacts;
  • Deliver on promises to fellow members in a timely and accurate manner;
  • Respect other members by not promoting personal business interests with solicitations at meetings or other Beacon events, or mass solicitations via e-mail, mail or telephone.


Business Development Policy

Members of the Beacon often provide products or services which may be beneficial to other Beacon members. Beacon supports these members through our networking, and we encourage members to support each others' businesses and professional development. Adhering to the Beacon mission and purpose, our business development policy protects the rights of all members to network freely within Beacon. The rules below apply to all Beacon members:

  • There will be no mass marketing of business services to other members via any medium, including email, mail, or telephone/fax. 
  • Collecting email addresses and other data from the Beacon website for intention of mass marketing is expressly forbidden.
  • Passive website marketing is permitted (e.g., a website link included in an email signature)
  • Beacon meeting presentation opportunities are available to all members as long as they are content-based. No advertising or business promotion is allowed beyond contact information. Presenters will receive a speaker's agreement that provides guidance regarding Beacon policies, practices and privacy procedures for acknowledgement prior to the presentation.
  • Within all of the Beacon Marketplace forums, business promotion is permitted. Within the Beacon Online Marketplace forum, active website marketing is permitted.  These forums are optional for Beacon members.
  • Using a social media application such as LinkedIn or Twitter, a Beacon member can promote products or services to other Beacon members who are also their connections or followers within the application.