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Subgroup & Roundtable Sponsorship Opportunities
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Beacon Subgroups and Roundtables:


 Sponsorship Opportunities





Sponsorship Benefits Applicable to Subgroups & Roundtables


Our special interest subgroups offer regular programs geared to their specialty areas such as finance, operations, life sciences, technology, human resources, etc.  and also include groups that are geographically-based.  Some of these groups are “closed,” meaning that attendance is restricted to those approved for membership in the group by meeting defined criteria; these include our CEO Roundtable, CIO Roundtable, the Entrepreneur’s Circle, and the Private Equity Subgroup.  Many programs, such as those of our Innovation Leadership Forum, attract significant attendance from non-member business audiences and allied organizations. 


Because each Beacon subgroup serves a unique audience and has defined criteria, and potential membership and attendance restrictions, sponsorship benefits applied to subgroups are determined in conjunction with each group individually. 


Currently, subgroups which have sponsorship programs include:


·      CEO Roundtable (an exclusive opportunity available only to Annual Sponsors and restricted to two sponsors each year)


·      CIO Roundtable


·      Financial Executives Subgroup


·      Innovation Leadership Forum – Sponsor opportunities include overall support and event sponsorships


Other subgroups are open to specific sponsorship opportunities for general support or for specific events and are designed on an individual basis.


Sponsors who have committed to be part of the Beacon Annual Sponsorship Program at the Trailblazer, Champion, Catalyst, or Vanguard Levels may add benefits applicable to subgroups, as agreed to by the subgroup leadership.


Subgroup Sponsorship benefits shall general include:


·      Recognition via logo placement in the emails sent to members promoting the group’s events. 


·      Opportunity for placement of literature on attendee tables or on the registration table (placement will generally depend upon the logistics for the event)


·      Recognition/thank you in the Chair’s opening remarks of the sponsor’s attendance and/or support.


·      As appropriate, (a) sponsor representative can speak to the group; (b) individuals from the sponsoring organization can attend events of the group. 


Sponsor representatives will be best served and will be most successful by contributing to this dynamic and offering helpful insights, knowledge and contacts, as is the norm for the other subgroup members. As we develop the sponsorship program, we look forward to ensuring that our sponsors are engaged in the conversations regarding content and program development, resources that can be made available to members illustrating the expertise of sponsors, and are made aware of the competencies and programs available through the sponsor that may benefit our members and non-member audiences.   Beacon does not permit any solicitation of business in subgroup meetings, and sponsorship does not imply Beacon’s endorsement of any business or product.