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Election Process for the Board of Directors
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Nominations & Elections Process

for the GPSEG Board of Directors


The GPSEG Governance Committee has presented a slate of candidates for election to serve on the Board of Directors for a three-year term beginning January, 2016 and ending December, 2018. The nominees are:


Bob Jarvis   


Bob is an organizational consultant and the founder of Quality Enablement LLC.  He believes that that all workers have the right to put in a productive day at work and leave with a feeling of satisfaction, knowing that they accomplished something meaningful to themselves and valuable to their employer.  Too often, that doesn’t happen, and that is the problem he solves, by working with senior management to identify those barriers that inhibit workers from doing their best.  


Bob has been a member of GPSEG since May 2013.  He is one of the founders of the Delaware subgroup, a new member Guide, and has facilitated recent discussions of the B2B initiative team.  







Matthew Levy


Matt is a Global HR Leader for Janssen Research & Development, one of the pharmaceutical companies of Johnson & Johnson. In this role, he provides strategic and human resources partnering for Janssen BioTherapeutics and Discovery Sciences (both early drug discovery groups).  He works side by side with senior leaders of these organizations and their teams to deliver the full spectrum of human resource generalist and organizational development support to meet current and future business needs.  He has specific experience in organizational effectiveness, leadership development, talent acquisition and talent management.  


In his spare time, born out of his own job search several years ago along with a significant amount of experience from the hiring side of the desk, Matt helps other professionals reach their career goals. Harnessing this passion and expertise, he regularly gives speeches on job search and career management practices to job search groups, networking and professional organizations.   As an avid networker and contributor to his business community, Matt is finishing up a six-year run on the Board of the Philadelphia Society of People & Strategy (PSPS) and he has been a GPSEG member since late 2009.





Ann McNally


Ann is the co-founder of TMG Partners, LLC which provides scientific survey research to leaders of organizations who want to develop and implement their business strategy, improve profitability, gain a better understanding of their business model and customer needs, and realize more effective internal operations. A strong believer in the value of education, Ann is also an adjunct professor at St. Joseph University.  


Ann has been a GPSEG member since November 2004.  If elected, she will be returning for a second term on the GPSEG Board.  She currently serves as Treasurer.


Wade Roberts


Wade is a Partner at Lonesome Pine Partners.  He identifies opportunities to purchase small/mid-size manufacturing companies, conducting due diligence, arranging financing, and operating acquisitions.  


Wade has been a GPSEG member since May 2005.  If elected, he will be returning for a second terms on the GPSEG Board.  In addition, he has chaired the Private Equity Subgroup and is a member of the Sponsorship and Golf Committees.




Selection Criteria & Process


Our selection criteria are based on the criteria established in the bylawsGPSEG General Code of Conduct, and as guided by the Board of Directors. Those criteria include at least two years of active GPSEG membership with the organization, involvement in GPSEG subgroups and/or committee activities, demonstrated leadership within GPSEG or other nonprofit organizations, the perceived ability to work well with other members of the Board of Directors and demonstrated ability to meet the skill sets suggested by the GPSEG leadership.


The Governance Committee will reviews applications, interviews candidates and determines the list of nominees presented to the membership for election. 


Election Process


Members of the Board are elected by the members of GPSEG by electronic ballot; the election will take place December 1-3, 2015; and results will be announced at the GPSEG Holiday Party on December 9. Those elected will serve a term of three years beginning January 1, 2016 and ending December 31, 2018. The GPSEG Board of Directors is comprised of 12 individuals whose terms are staggered to provide both continuity and fresh perspectives with each new term. Following completion of one three-year term, members are eligible for nomination to a second three-year term. Once elected, the Board selects its officers (Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary) for the year.    


Election Process Timeline

September 1

Call for Nominations Posted

September 30

Deadline for Applications & Nominations Submissions

October 13-28

Candidate Interviews

December 1-3

Election by Members

December 9

Election Results Announced


Board Roles and Responsibilities:

Members of the Board will:

  • Have the opportunity to work with peers and colleagues to establish the policies, vision and goals for GPSEG and help the association grow and thrive;
  • Provide insight and input to help GPSEG members find value and achieve their professional and personal goals;
  •  Monitor progress toward GPSEG’s strategic goals and contribute to establishing and revising strategies as appropriate; and
  • Contribute to ensuring that the Board fulfills its corporate duties of care, loyalty and obedience to the members and to GPSEG in accordance with governing documents and policies.
The Board of Directors in 2016 will hold approximately six in-person meetings, tentatively scheduled for the fourth Monday of January, February, April, June, September and November from 6:00 to 8:00 pm., and a December meeting immediately preceding the holiday social event. (A final schedule for Board meeting times and dates will be determined based on the best dates for the members selected as well as checking against holidays and other conflicts.) The Board may also meet by conference call when business decisions require such phone meetings.

In addition to the routine business meetings, Board members will have an orientation session to establish common understanding of key organizational matters and standards for operation and communication, as well as a meeting focused on the mission, vision and strategic plan goals to ratify/suggest changes as appropriate. On average, directors can expect to spend 8 to 10 hours monthly on Board activities and preparation. Between meetings, members of the Board will:

  • Receive, review and evaluate documents intended to keep the Board apprised of organizational performance, events and activities, and issues that may require Board attention or oversight;
  • Attend GPSEG major events and activities and meetings of committees and subgroups as appropriate (generally at least one per month) to remain informed, represent GPSEG, and carry out specific work as assigned;
  • Seek out opportunities to gather information from members, staff, allied groups, media, etc., so that the Board’s decisions are informed by available knowledge/data/environmental factors relevant to its decisions;
  • Volunteer/be willing to serve on committees, task forces or working groups, and/or as a member or Board liaison, to carry out the work of GPSEG;
  • Demonstrate the leadership qualities appropriate to Board membership by supporting decisions of the Board, being an enthusiastic representative of GPSEG to internal and external audiences, and engaging in principled and robust dialogue to help the Board reach good decisions that will serve the Association and its members.