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Business Networking Roundtable #16 - Hosted by Clymer Bardsley
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Registration: $15, Open to Beacon Members Only

When: Tuesday, July 18, 2017
9:30 AM - 12:00 PM
150 N. Radnor Chester Road
STE C230
Wayne, Pennsylvania  19087
United States
Contact: Maureen Waddington
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Business Networking Roundtable #16

 Hosted by Clymer Bardsley

President and Founder

The Bardsley Group




Tuesday, July 18, 2017

9:30 am - 12:00 pm 





150 N. Radnor Chester Road

STE C230

Wayne, PA  19087


BTW|  Registration ends at the close of business

on Thursday July 13th!


WIIFY | What’s in it for you?


Clymer is hosting 12 Beacon members for a morning meeting at HEADROOM in Wayne.

A continental breakfast will be served.


As a participant, you also will share the story of your business – strategy, target clients, business development techniques, etc. As a participant, you get the opportunity to develop 12 new “Brand Ambassadors” - each with a clear understanding of the value proposition of your business.





As the Host, Clymer will introduce all the participants to the story behind his group’s growing practice in



The Bardsley Group’s mission is to help organizations to reduce conflict and increase productivity by providing their workforce with a safe, private, and constructive environment for them to address their workplace concerns. 


Clymer’s Story


The privilege and peril of an outsourced conflict manager


 “How do we sell ice cubes to Eskimos?”


Workplace conflict in 2017 is unavoidable. 


FACT #1|          In today’s work environments, 30-40% of managers’ time is spent mired in conflict up and down the food chain with aggrieved board members, supervisors, clients, peers and subordinates.


FACT#2|          60-80% of difficulties in organizations stem from strained relationships between employees, not lack of skill or motivational deficits.  


FACT#3|          Only 39% of American workers trust their senior leaders.


FACT #4|         Many organizations do not address these issues due to a lack of prioritizing or a lack of infrastructure.


OUTCOME|     Organizations experience lower levels of morale, lower productivity and higher turnover…and the inevitable costs associated with all.


SOLUTION|     That is where The Bardsley Group adds great value.  We offer outsourced conflict management solutions.


We do so by offering a range of services from coaching to mediation and facilitation to training.


We fit neatly between Human Resources and Legal. We focus on those delicate issues between colleagues and within individuals that go unreported until it’s too late.


Challenge Question:


However, many businesses think they can address these issues with their current array of staff and professionals.  And that’s the focal point of Clymer’s question.


“Many organizational leaders believe several things…


·         they are approachable,

·         their managers can manage workplace conflict and

·         these conflicts don’t affect the bottom line.


How do I best persuade business and organizational leaders that this service is necessary?

And that the Bardsley Group can provide it better?


How can we most effectively provide the education to explain the options organizational leaders will have to consider in order to decide that outsourcing their conflict concerns makes sense for their financial and human capital interests?”




(in Clymer’s own words)


The Bardsley Group’s mission is to help organizations to reduce conflict and increase productivity by providing their workforce with a safe, private, and constructive environment for them to address their workplace concerns.  Filling the gap between Human Resources and the Legal Department, the Bardsley Group handles the informal, relationship-based conflicts that slowly but surely decrease the individual’s ability to perform at a high level for the organization.


Organizations hire the Bardsley Group when they are experiencing a conflict that is affecting their bottom line.  These conflicts emerge from succession planning, changing roles and added responsibilities, or personality conflicts.  Our capabilities entail the mediation of disputes and facilitation of difficult conversations.  And we are often engaged to train teams and departments how to work in a more collegial, respectful, and professional manner.


Organizations then keep us because they realize that we act like an early warning system and prevent small conflicts from getting larger.


We do not replace existing procedures but rather augment them.  We help leaders to realize their organization’s reputational and financial goals by freeing up their time, providing them with a lens into the trends and areas of their business that need addressing, and giving their individual employees a place to tell their story when they feel out of options or that their voice is not being heard.




Clymer welcomes all working BEACON members.




Business Networking Roundtable (BNR) event is a Member business-focused event designed to enable Members to share information about their business with other Members and for participants to learn about other Member businesses in a focused and moderated setting.  The Business Networking Roundtable events are for Members who are in business and who wish to do business with other GPSEG Member businesses.


The purpose of the meeting is business networking and designed to be a better way to learn more in-depth knowledge about other Member’s businesses with whom participants may want to engage, collaborate and or recommend to their business network.


Instead of the usual 30 second “elevator pitch” participants will be given 3 minutes to answer the following questions which will help others understand their business and what it is that they are looking for:


1.     What is your business?

2.     What makes you different?

3.     Who is your ideal client?

4.     What is a good referral for you?


Participants will also be able to participate in a 20-minute discussion of a business challenge or topic of the Host’s choosing.  Best practices, suggestions, experiences will be shared.

Participants will be principals, owners, partners or representatives of a GPSEG Member business. There is no limit to the size of the Member business. While many GPSEG Members are in transition and considering starting their own business, Business Networking Roundtable events may be attended ONLY by Members who have a recognized (registered) business entity. Participants will:


  • Register for a specific Business Networking Roundtable event through the GPSEG website.
  • Agree to the meeting guidelines and strictly adhere to them.
  • Come to the meeting prepared to answer the 4 questions below for their Business.
  • Act in good faith to support other Participants by providing assistance with contacts and or referrals as appropriate.
  • Be members of the BNR Group that is maintained on the Causeway site. 



  • Be on time and stay through the end.
  • Follow the directions of the Facilitator and stay within the time allotted
  • Extend professional courtesy to others by refraining from using phones, working on computers (other than taking notes) or texting during the meeting.
  • Every effort should be made to avoid distracting other Participants during the meeting.
  • Act ethically and in good faith with information and content of discussions that may take place during the meeting. Agree not to share information disclosed with Participants competitors.
  • Follow up on commitments made to others during the meeting.