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Business Networking Roundtable #12 - Hosted by Patricia Dunn
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GPSEG Members Only. Registration Fee is $15, you will be invoiced if you are selected to participate in the 1/11/17 Business Roundtable.

When: Wednesday, January 11, 2017
9:30 am - 12:00 pm
Where: Tactix Real Estate Advisors, LLC
150 N. Radnor Chester Road
Suite C230
Radnor, Pennsylvania  19087
United States
Contact: Maureen Waddington
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Business Networking Roundtable #12


Hosted by Patricia Dunn

Senior Vice President-Wealth Management
The Dunn Wealth Management Group




Wednesday, January 11, 2017

9:30 am - 12:00 pm 




Tactix Real Estate Advisors, LLC

150 N. Radnor Chester Road

STE C230

Radnor, PA  19087


BTW|  Registration ends at the close of business

on Wednesday January 4th!




Patricia is hosting 12 GPSEG/Beacon members for a morning continental breakfast meeting at the Radnor Financial center in Radnor (off the Blue Route).


(Patricia asks that you review the information below and register.)




As the Host, Patricia will introduce all the participants to the story behind her group’s practice within Merrill Lynch


The Dunn Wealth Management Group



As a participant, you also will share the story of your business – strategy, target clients, business development techniques, etc. As a participant, you get the opportunity to develop 12 new “Brand Ambassadors” - each with a clear understanding of the value proposition of your business.


Patricia’s Story


The coming challenge in the Investor’s World


 “WE are NOT in Kansas anymore!!”


The landscape in the consumer investment industry is changing dramatically.  The Department of Labor is changing investor choice when it comes to our retirement accounts beginning April 10, 2017.


The current levels of service that will be available to investors after April 10th are “Doing it yourself” at the low end and personalized wealth management at the high end. 


What will be In between?


There will be considerable movement of personnel within the industry and investor confusion will be the norm until the dust settles.


In light of these developments, Patricia will ask each participant to offer their ideas, insights and wisdom relative to her Challenge Question:



“Having new choices and losing old choices causes discomfort, questions and confusion. 


How should my team best get the word out there that this is happening? 


How can we most effectively provide the education to explain the options investors will have to consider in order to sort themselves to the levels of service that best suit their needs?” 




(in Patricia’s own words)


Wealth Management is the top of the food chain when it comes to financial services for the investing public because wealth management is where investors go to solve complex financial issues.  At this level everything begins and ends with the client, not the portfolio.


Our team helps clients with the challenge of envisioning and articulating their future needs, wants and dreams and matching that to a financial plan.  Their future self, if you will.  We help them talk it out, determine if it is feasible, visualize it and monitor their progress towards their goals.


But what makes us different is that clients who come to work with us, tend to stay with us for decades.  Our turnover rate is quite small.  That reality has led to working with multiple generations of the same families and resulted in our reputation of being a family practice serving families.  Wealth Management done right imparts a sense of calm and our clients want that sense of calm as a legacy for their children. 


These changes are net positive for investors of all sizes.  Definition, simplicity and clarity of roles is coming to the industry.  Investors going forward will have transparent choices- YOYO (you’re on your own); automated advice from a computer; generic advice from a call center; personalized advice coupled with broad wealth management from a credentialed team of professionals.  The small investor will have access to the fiduciary standard when it comes to investment strategies, audited track records and an annual portfolio review all at a lower cost and lower minimums than personalized goals-based wealth management.





Patricia welcomes all GPSEG/Beacon members.





Business Networking Roundtable (BNR) event is a Member business-focused event designed to enable Members to share information about their business with other Members and for participants to learn about other Member businesses in a focused and moderated setting.  The Business Networking Roundtable events are for Members who are in business and who wish to do business with other GPSEG Member businesses.


The purpose of the meeting is business networking and designed to be a better way to learn more in-depth knowledge about other Member’s businesses with whom participants may want to engage, collaborate and or recommend to their business network.


Instead of the usual 30 second “elevator pitch” participants will be given 3 minutes to answer the following questions which will help others understand their business and what it is that they are looking for:


1.     What is your business?

2.     What makes you different?

3.     Who is your ideal client?

4.     What is a good referral for you?


Participants will also be able to participate in a 20-minute discussion of a business challenge or topic of the Host’s choosing.  Best practices, suggestions, experiences will be shared.

Participants will be principals, owners, partners or representatives of a GPSEG Member business. There is no limit to the size of the Member business. While many GPSEG Members are in transition and considering starting their own business, Business Networking Roundtable events may be attended ONLY by Members who have a recognized (registered) business entity. Participants will:


  • Register for a specific Business Networking Roundtable event through the GPSEG website.
  • Agree to the meeting guidelines and strictly adhere to them.
  • Come to the meeting prepared to answer the 4 questions below for their Business.
  • Act in good faith to support other Participants by providing assistance with contacts and or referrals as appropriate.
  • Be members of the BNR Group that is maintained on the Causeway site.





Be on time and stay through the end.

  • Follow the directions of the Facilitator and stay within the time allotted.
  • Extend professional courtesy to others by refraining from using phones, working on computers (other than taking notes) or texting during the meeting.
  • Every effort should be made to avoid distracting other Participants during the meeting.
  • Act ethically and in good faith with information and content of discussions that may take place during the meeting. Agree not to share information disclosed with Participants competitors.
  • Follow up on commitments made to others during the meeting.